Rhyme Time

Rhyme Time (the rapper formerly known as Atheist) started making music in 2012. But before making music, Rhyme Time started winning rap battles on U92—Salt Lake City’s most popular hip-hop station. Naturally, that led to a year-long stint battling at a gloomy biker bar named Barbary Coast. The bikers couldn’t get enough and started asking for an album.

He released his debut, Thanks for the Burgers, in 2011. Packed with songs about movies, Ninja Turtles and his parents’ questionable taste in music, TFTB gained critical success—receiving positive reviews and earning spins on local radio stations.

“I was blown away by [Thanks for the Burgers], straight up. It has everything I love in a hip-hop record: rich and dusty beats from classic source material, tight verses by the main emcee and more than a few collaborations…this local album will make my Top 5 for the year.”
– Rio Connoly, SLUG Magazine

And since then, Rhyme Time has released two more solo albums, Topanga and GNARLY featuring collaborations with Raashan Ahmad and Woodstock (Crown City Rockers), nerdcore legend Mega Ran, Gavlyn, Oh Blimey, Umang, DJ SkratchMo (Crate Dwellers) and Utah’s own House of Lewis.

Topanga is available at: http://801Atheist.bandcamp.com/

GNARLY is available at: http://rhymetimerapper.bandcamp.com

Rhyme Time has collaborated with: Rappin’ 4-Tay, Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers), Woodstock (Crown City Rockers), Fisch Loops, Brock Berrigan, sOuL, Alicia Faith, Wes Thompson, Lefty 2 Gunz, Mirrorcade, Show Me Island, Diggabeatz, Patchz, Dr. Nick, Lala Monfleury, Stacey Betts, Yung Rip, Yze, Mike Booth, B. Still, Da Negrodomus, Q1, Vitabit, MoonWalker Boombox, Gryzzlee Beats, Hemis, Donnie Bonelli, Apt, Chance Lewis, DJ SkratchMo (Crate Dwellers), Lyrical Sound Productions, Dozi, Piccolo, Melvin Wagstaff, Skellum, B.B.Z Darney, L-Bow Deep, Sykie and more.