Donnie Bonelli

Donnie Bonelli invented rap! I mean it, first he invented a time machine out of an old pair of roller-skates and a car battery, went back to the middle ages, slayed some fair damsels, rode a dragon, drank with kings, ended a famine, populated a few small villages, educated those villagers on the pitfalls of inbreeding, introduced his villagers to people from other villages, wrestled a lion, realized that he left a casserole in the oven back in the present, and on the way back stopped in the late 70’s to invent rap, become a huge mega success, cure some terminal diseases by donating lots and lots of money to various research groups, and settle down with a nice lady named Rita in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco where they would have 6 niños.

Unfortunately, his alteration of the time space continuum directly lead to the death of a dear relative to whom he owed a great debt of gratitude, and so he had to retrace his steps, kiss Rita one last time, tuck in his 6 niños knowing their lives would soon be a mere shadow. All of his grand deeds would be forgotten, his adorers would be ghosts, and his accolades would weigh less than the paper they were never printed on. He would have to start a life almost entirely over again.
As he navigates life in the present, he draws on his life in the past and compares the two in an attempt to represent the beauty of the human condition in his art. His deepest hope is that when people listen, they’ll know that they’re not alone.

No but in all seriousness, (This is Donnie by the way) I’m just a dude who likes to make rap songs and perform them and get crazy with my buddies, and do normal stuff with normal (I use the term loosely) people. If you want to know more about me and what I’m about, listen to my songs.