For years Adam Hochhalter rapped to an audience of only himself and was a ubiquitous wallflower at Provo, Utah area shows. After collaborating with Chance Lewis on old favorites “Velour Girls” and “Hip Young Millennials” for Chance’s first album, Adam was coaxed out of the shadows and into the bright lights of the stage. Finding his footing, he worked closely with Lewis to craft the EP Do Yourself In, an introspective work about the repeating shadows of life and the struggle to break out of those loops.

Apt formed House of Lewis along with Chance Lewis and, together with the other members, has since striven to build a reputation as a collective of driven, accomplished musicians and showmen. Apt has shared the stage with such performers as Neon Trees, Astronautalis, Sage Francis, B. Dolan, the Moth and the Flame and Desert Noises. With the new addition of live instrumentation featuring Chance Lewis, DJ SkratchMo and Gavin Ryan, Apt’s stage show has only gained more notoriety as a unique and intense live hip hop experience.

With new music on the horizon, Apt will continue to mine the grey clouds that accompany every silver lining.