House of Lewis is a hip-hop collective from UT, USA.
Comprised of four emcees and two DJs, the group has released eight projects.


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For years Adam Hochhalter rapped to an audience of only himself and was a ubiquitous wallflower at Provo, Utah area shows. After collaborating with Chance Lewis on old favorites “Velour Girls” and “Hip Young Millennials” for Chance’s first album, Adam was coaxed out of the shadows and into the bright lights of the stage. Finding his footing, he worked closely with Lewis to craft the EP Do Yourself In, an introspective work about the repeating shadows of life and the struggle to break out of those loops.

Apt formed House of Lewis along with Chance Lewis and, together with the other members, has since striven to build a reputation as a collective of driven, accomplished musicians and showmen. Apt has shared the stage with such performers as Neon Trees, Astronautalis, Sage Francis, B. Dolan, the Moth and the Flame and Desert Noises. With the new addition of live instrumentation featuring Chance Lewis, DJ SkratchMo and Gavin Ryan, Apt’s stage show has only gained more notoriety as a unique and intense live hip hop experience.

With new music on the horizon, Apt will continue to mine the grey clouds that accompany every silver lining.

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Rhyme Time

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Rhyme Time Rhyme Time released his debut album, Thanks for the Burgers, in 2011 (under the name “Atheist”). Packed with songs about movies, Ninja Turtles and his parents’ questionable taste in music, TFTB gained critical success—receiving positive reviews and earning spins on local radio stations. Exactly one year after the release of TFTB, Rhyme Time released another full-length album, Topanga (also under the name “Atheist”). Featuring collaborations from Raashan Ahmad and Woodstock (Crown City Rockers), DJ SkratchMo (Crate Dwellers) and Utah’s own House of Lewis, Topanga is a professionally-crafted album that combines intelligent lyricism and a sense of humor that’s been severely lacking in hip-hop. If you can’t stand James Franco, you should be able to make a song about it.
And his latest album, “GNARLY” features guest emcees Mega Ran, Gavlyn, Oh Blimey and Umang, as well as production from Chance Lewis and DJ SkratchMo.

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Chance Lewis

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Before co-founding House of Lewis with Apt in 2010, Chance Lewis (aka Chance Clift) was involved in the Provo music scene for years, playing guitar, bass, keys and singing for various pop punk and indie rock bands. He brings these years of experience to the table as both an MC and producer in House of Lewis. Chance’s beats are found all over other HOL members’ albums. He has also made a name for himself producing and remixing tracks for other up and coming hip hop artists.

His self produced 2012 album We’re Just Happy To Be Here is an ode to the Provo music scene and showcases samples and features from many notable Provo singers and bands. Chance is currently busy playing keys and composing music for a new House of Lewis project, Rhyme Time Television.

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DJ Chu

After witnessing a group of Bboys in the hallways of his High School in 1995, Chu was hooked. Bboying naturally led him to purchase a pair of secondhand turntables in 1999. He was taken in by his mentors and began rocking the club scene with the Lost Soundz Crew, using these venues to throw Hip Hop events featuring local emcees and Bboy battles.

Later on Chu became one of the fore fathers of The Crate Dwellers. Four DJs who were united by their love of music and vinyl records. Influenced by his crew and DJs such as DJ ZTRIP, Mixmaster Mike and Qbert, Chu was opened up the the world of turntablism.

Since then Chu has shared the stage with big acts such as Gift of Gab, Souls of Mischief, Aceyalone and played the DJ role in a web series with Flava Flav and Danny Trejo. These days you can catch Chu spinning breaks at Bboy battles, music at art festivals, or sharing the stage with House of Lewis. He has also been busy painting pieces for an upcoming art gallery.

DJ Chu

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DJ SkratchMo

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DJ SkratchMo developed an ear for good music by raiding his parents’ record collection from a young age, listening to everything from Swing to Progressive Rock.

He was immediately drawn in to Hip Hop culture after being exposed to it and, 12 years after buying his first set of turntables, he has continued to support the local Hip Hop community by co-founding the Crate Dwellers DJ collective in 2005 and joining up with House of Lewis in 2011.

SkratchMo continues to make music in the tradition of the original Hip Hop DJ; with two turntables and a strong repertoire of scratch and mixing techniques. And with his diverse musical background, you can always expect a unique blend of genres in every set he plays.

DJ SkratchMo

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Donnie Bonelli

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Donnie just a dude who likes to make rap songs and perform them and get crazy with his buddies, and do normal stuff with normal people. If you want to know more about me and what he’s about, listen to his songs.


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Rhyme Time Television

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Rhyme Time Television is an online variety show featuring celebrity guests, live music, cartoons, games, giveaways, and more.


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House of Lewis have done shows with Run the Jewels, Flying Lotus, Lil Dicky, T-Pain, Del the Funky Homosapien, Talib Kweli, The Pharcyde, Neon Trees, Pete Rock, Astronautalis, Sage Francis, B. Dolan, Oh Blimey, Gavlyn, The Moth and the Flame, Desert Noises, People Under the Stairs, Kurtis Blow, Mobb Deep, K.Flay, Snow the Product, Slum Village, Blueprint, Riff Raff, Mega Ran, Binary Star, Medusa, Turquoise Jeep, Dirtbag Dan, Mickey Avalon, Silento, Sadistik, Sapient, Ceschi, Common Market, Myka 9, Z-Man, Fresh Kils, Mad Dukes, Doc Awkward, The Chicharones, and more.