DJ Chu

After witnessing a group of Bboys in the hallways of his High School in 1995, Chu was hooked. Bboying naturally led him to purchase a pair of secondhand turntables in 1999. He was taken in by his mentors and began rocking the club scene with the Lost Soundz Crew, using these venues to throw Hip Hop events featuring local emcees and Bboy battles.

Later on Chu became one of the fore fathers of The Crate Dwellers. Four DJs who were united by their love of music and vinyl records. Influenced by his crew and DJs such as DJ ZTRIP, Mixmaster Mike and Qbert, Chu was opened up the the world of turntablism.

Since then Chu has shared the stage with big acts such as Gift of Gab, Souls of Mischief, Aceyalone and played the DJ role in a web series with Flava Flav and Danny Trejo. These days you can catch Chu spinning breaks at Bboy battles, music at art festivals, or sharing the stage with House of Lewis. He has also been busy painting pieces for an upcoming art gallery.